January 14, 2011

Telangana Lolli

K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) came in to picture in 2001 by forming TRS party. He however managed to bag 5 Parliament seats in 2004 (though later the number has fallen for 2 in 2009 elections). He triggered Telangana Chaos by choosing to fast-unto-death in the year 2009 for separate Telangana state. He fasted for 11 days!! (Come on man, having juices and fluids are allowed in fasting). In the mean time government was shaken and almost granted Telangana.

Most of you know that what happened afterwards. For those who don't know .... here it is, the Andhra region started the agitation for samaikhya (united) Andhra, which was so fierce that the government was forced to appoint a committee to make a final decision. 

The committee named Sri Krishna Committee (SKC) which surveyed for 1 year has come up with 6 options.(When I was in School I had to choose among 4 options in my exams. Never heard of 6 ….Thank god! AP exam board didn’t get this idea). Among which government has opted only 3 (50-50??!! ...this is not KBC man...) . Now among this they have to choose the final answer so that KCR will lock the answer.  

Ab koi aisa report likhega tho... response aisa hi milega na...What say?

Presently this is the condition of Congress in Andhra Pradesh, with most of his MLAs and MPs with different opinion on this issue. But why to worry ??? Congress is 125 years old party ...the roots are so strong that ache se ache na thod paye. 

Here comes the hero ...with a broken sword!! !! Yes how can any issue be complete without Naidu’s involvement in it? Sensible or insensible, he has to make a statement. Initially he was reluctant to make any statement about this whole issue, but now he is very much supporting the OU Students… Babu garu, You haven’t made your stand clear on separate party unit for Telangana region??!!  Now how do you expect people to trust your ambiguous behavior?

God Save Andhra Pradesh......

OOPS!! I find even God is having tough time to deal with it....

But lord don't worry this is how the agitation going to end.....

Hehehehe!The history repeats (remember the 1969 agitation.....)

Presently the condition of KCR is this, he is suffering from throat ulcer. Any medicine for this?  

I have one ….keep your mouth shut KCR as you already achieved your motive behind this hi-fi drama (MONEY!!)

Jai hind.

PS: All the cartoons are taken from Google Images. 


Vee... said...

informative. throws a lot of light on the issue. love the cartoons. must have been quite an effort to collect these!

Vee... said...

and yeah, following your blog! would love to read all these yummy, informative and colorful blog posts :D