January 23, 2011

Conversations (1)

She: How is the home?
He: It’s nice, 2 bedroom apartment. In fact far better than all those previous houses I’ve seen till date.
She: Is it! Then tell me clearly how it looks.
He:  2BHK
She: How about Bathrooms?
He: Both the bathrooms are western, one has geyser too.
She: You must be excited then why you sound so dull?
He: I’m bit disappointed about flooring, its mosaic flooring. You know I prefer marble flooring.
She: Hmm… just flooring na... Its ok we can adjust. But tell me about the kitchen.
He: Everything is good in kitchen. The house is very good, I guess we can’t find better house than this in Bangalore in such a short span. 
She: I know, but tell me about ….
He: Heyy...I’m tired now. I will call you tomorrow and let you know more.
She: OK bye… J

Next Day 

He: Heyy wassup??
She: Hi… I was waiting for your call.
He: Yeah tell me…
She: You tell me… How is the house?
He: It’s gud. But I’m only disappointed about its locality.
She: Why what happened, is it located in a slum!!??  
He: No no….It’s not located in slum. But the area is kind of not so posh locality like you were expecting.
She: I didn’t ask you to find a home in poshhhhh... locality, all I asked is to find in a decent locality
He: Ok! lemme put like this, it is not located in a very decent locality.
She: First you were telling that all you were worried about is flooring, now about locality. What else you gonna tell me later L
He: Don’t worry that is all. Just flooring and locality, that’s it.
She: Ok. How big is the kitchen?
He: Errr....kitchen is small. Heyy there is a very big balcony, forgot to tell you. It covers the whole length of the house.
She: Balcony! Nice, I can have a small garden there.
He:  Do what ever you want. 
She: Now tell me how are the Bedrooms?
He: ofooo!! You are asking about kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms….You are not asking me about the main thing. RENT!
She: Yeah tell me how much?
He: $&#@ Per month (frowned), plus 10 months rent in advance and 1 month rent to broker. 
She: Come on you must have saved some amount, pay it from that. What’s the big deal?
He: Yeah, your mom has given me 10 crores dowry. I saved it in swiss bank, now I will pay it from that.
She: Heyy…why are you pulling my mom in to this?? She has given my hand in yours, you are lucky to get wife like me, as precious as Gold.
He: Yeah I know. I’ve been looking for 50kgs Gold, where as I got 70kgs. Really I’m very lucky.   

to be contd.....


January 17, 2011

Book Review: 'I too had a love story'

Author: Ravinder Singh

Aah this is my first book review. I just finished reading this book and immediately thought to write a review on it. 

'I too had a love story' is a true love story of Ravinder singh. He happened to fall in love with a girl named Kushi, whose profile he found in shaadi.com. In no time he was deeply, madly and truly in love with her just by communicating with her through phone. He gets a chance to meet her and spend the most beautiful hour of his life before leaving to US for an onsite trip. After returning their parents fix their engagement on Feb 14th the Valentines Day. Just two days before their engagement she meets with an accident.

What will happen to his shonamoni

Will she get back from the hospital safely?    

If so, then why is this book named as ‘I too had a love story’?

What will be the ending of this beautiful tale?  

 The story is told in a very simple and neat manner. The flow is so smooth that you never know when you started reading it and when you finished it. The time flies while reading this book (I was about to finish this book in one night, but again my granny intervened and made me put down the book and go to sleep). The first half of the book goes very nicely, I was connecting my love story to it throughout (I guess this would be the case with most of the readers).Few incidents like, Ravin being desperate to see the girl with whom he is madly in love (I was going through the same when I was returning from US after 2 years being away from my boy friend). The phone calls at nights, gifts and surprises are which audience can easily connect it with. Where as in the second half not completely but most of the part was predictable. It might be because I was thinking too much while reading this book. The end of the story though it is tragic and really heart touching. While I’ve been to Ravin’s website I could see many praising him for being such a wonderful boy friend. In contrast, to popular opinion I will say that Khushi is a great lover who has made such an impact on Ravin. She gave him tremendous amount of love which has given a ray of hope for his future.     

All I would say that if you are in love, then this is a book you must read. I have a feeling that this book cannot make much market in the international arena. I guess I’m being too liberal at rating it :P.
Rate: 3/5


January 14, 2011

Telangana Lolli

K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) came in to picture in 2001 by forming TRS party. He however managed to bag 5 Parliament seats in 2004 (though later the number has fallen for 2 in 2009 elections). He triggered Telangana Chaos by choosing to fast-unto-death in the year 2009 for separate Telangana state. He fasted for 11 days!! (Come on man, having juices and fluids are allowed in fasting). In the mean time government was shaken and almost granted Telangana.

Most of you know that what happened afterwards. For those who don't know .... here it is, the Andhra region started the agitation for samaikhya (united) Andhra, which was so fierce that the government was forced to appoint a committee to make a final decision. 

The committee named Sri Krishna Committee (SKC) which surveyed for 1 year has come up with 6 options.(When I was in School I had to choose among 4 options in my exams. Never heard of 6 ….Thank god! AP exam board didn’t get this idea). Among which government has opted only 3 (50-50??!! ...this is not KBC man...) . Now among this they have to choose the final answer so that KCR will lock the answer.  

Ab koi aisa report likhega tho... response aisa hi milega na...What say?

Presently this is the condition of Congress in Andhra Pradesh, with most of his MLAs and MPs with different opinion on this issue. But why to worry ??? Congress is 125 years old party ...the roots are so strong that ache se ache na thod paye. 

Here comes the hero ...with a broken sword!! !! Yes how can any issue be complete without Naidu’s involvement in it? Sensible or insensible, he has to make a statement. Initially he was reluctant to make any statement about this whole issue, but now he is very much supporting the OU Students… Babu garu, You haven’t made your stand clear on separate party unit for Telangana region??!!  Now how do you expect people to trust your ambiguous behavior?

God Save Andhra Pradesh......

OOPS!! I find even God is having tough time to deal with it....

But lord don't worry this is how the agitation going to end.....

Hehehehe!The history repeats (remember the 1969 agitation.....)

Presently the condition of KCR is this, he is suffering from throat ulcer. Any medicine for this?  

I have one ….keep your mouth shut KCR as you already achieved your motive behind this hi-fi drama (MONEY!!)

Jai hind.

PS: All the cartoons are taken from Google Images. 

January 13, 2011

Thursday Challenge - 10

This week's Thursday Challenge theme is Favorite or best shot of 2010. Last year I took many photos among all this photo gained much appreciation.


January 9, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ 11

Hi frenz,

I've been uploading the snaps of flowers, food, lights etc. So thought of uploading something different this week. I've been looking around for something in yellow that is when I observed this apartment which is right in our street. I liked it and wanted to upload in this week's Mellow Yellow Monday. Check this link for more exciting snaps from my MYM friends.


January 4, 2011

Gulab Jamun

It is one of my favorite sweets. When I was in hostel, my granny used to make this sweet and keep it in a fridge for me. As soon as I come home she used to serve me a bowl of cool jamuns.  This is a compulsory sweet for all the b'days, weddings and get together in our family (fond memories). I used to think, someone has to be really talented to make this delicious dessert. But now I say it is one of the easiest recipes I've ever come across.    

All you need is a MTR Gulab Jamun Packet and Sugar (main Ingredients). For added taste you can have crushed cardamom powder, saffron strands, grated badam and pistachio (optional).

You guyz must be thinking that the procedure of making jamuns is given on the pack of MTR packet then what’s the use of reading her post. Not a lot but yes surely you will have an added advantage as I'm going to explain you few important things which will help you in making soft and melting jamuns.

Firstly take a bowl/ pan and dissolve 1 cup of sugar in 1 1/2 cup of water and bring it to boil. Keep the flame in simmer; add cardamom powder and saffron strands. Once you find the Sugar syrup consistent and thicker then switch of the flame and keep it aside. Do not make the syrup very thicker as it would be tougher for jamuns to absorb it.  

Now take the flour (which is in MTR jamun packet) and mix well with milk. Knead it to firm dough (Tip 1: By using milk, trust me the jamuns are going to be so soft and delicious. Most of them mix it with water, which will lead in crack of jamuns while frying). Apply oil or ghee to both your hands and make balls of the mixture by rolling in between your hands. As you added milk there will very less chance of cracks in the balls. 

Deep fry these dumplings in oil or in ghee. (I prefer frying them in oil. If you fry in ghee and refrigerate them you will find layers of ghee floating on the jamuns).  Preferably keep the flame simmer and while frying the jamuns continuously keep rotating the oil in clock wise or anti clock wise direction (Tip 2 : This will help you in getting evenly brown color on jamuns). Now drain the oil and dip them in the cold water for 10 seconds (Tip 3: This will make the jamuns to cool and help in better absorption of syrup. Heat Transfer concepts man....Chemical Engineer here...just kidding. Even my granny knows about it)

In less than 20 mins you can get delicious Gulab Jamuns. You can garnish with grated almond and pistachio. Try this at your home and shoot your comments.


January 3, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday ~10

 I wish all my blog readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011.

My post for this weeks Mellow Yellow Monday.