March 14, 2010

Welcome Note

Hello everybody…

I am Rads, I would describe myself as friendly, joyful, hardworking girl. I was thinking of writing a blog since a long time, but never got time. I think there is a right time for everything. Since I came to London, I am at home. Apart from household work, I keep browsing many websites, find many interesting things to read, I play puzzles, listen music and watch programs.  Then came in to my mind, why do not I put all the ideas and information that I think worth sharing with my friends in to one place. That is when I immediately logged in and started this blog.

Since my childhood, I have four people who had influenced my life the most. As a child my grandmother, she taught me love and nurture. As a teenager my mom, she has been my role model since then. During early adulthood, I felt that I am blessed to have a sweetest brother on earth. Last but never the least my hubby, who loves me no matter what crazy things I do.

I named my Blog as “Early Sunshine” because, Sunrise is the most beautiful part of our day, whereas sunshine gives us hope to start our day with a feeling of freshness and confidence. Imagine a day without sunshine, it’s just night.  I remember a famous quote “Remember to face the sunshine, then the shadows will fall behind” by famous American poet Walt Whitman. Wow what a wonderful meaning it has.  

 I wish everybody’s life shall be filled with sunshine and no more shadows. Hope you guyz will enjoy reading my blog.