August 23, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday # 2

Ever since I joined MYM group, I'm finding more and more yellow coloured things around me than ever. I've been to a store on the other day, I felt like the whole store is painted in yellow, Posters were in yellow, most of the things they were selling are in yellow or yellow covered , strangely I found the baskets there are in yellow too. When I opened my window I found all the flowers in the grass were yellow, Lines on the road are yellow. Though I see them daily, still I felt something strange about it.

I've taken snaps of all these things, but this particular snap I liked the most among all. So this week my snap for Mellow Yellow Monday is this. I liked those colours, they are so vivid.

Leave your valuable comments or suggestions on this snap.


August 21, 2010

MeN i LoVe

Seeing this title, these would have been the images that flashed in-to the minds of many of my friends.

Yes it's not their fault, it's all mine. I was an insane admirer of all of them. There were days where my friends used to call me by their names. If their movie was a hit, then I used to spend lot of money in distributing chocolates. I used to cut cakes for their B'days. But presently I'm NOT talking about any of them above.

Men with whom I'm deeply, madly, crazily and frantically in love are my hubby and bro. They are priceless and I can do anything for them. I know my hubby for the past 12 years, we were school mates. But our love blossomed just 5 years back. I fight a lot with my hubs but it takes very less time for me to convince him. All I need to say is a 5 letter word "SORRY". In turn he works on all those secret formulas to harmonize with me. When I whine about my family he looks at me as if he is watching a blockbuster movie. But in turn if I say something about his family he would charge towards me like a bull. He has given up many things in his life to dwell with me. If anything goes wrong in his daily schedule then he won't even hesitate a min to blame me for that, even if I'm nowhere related to it. He frequently gets bored with my cooking. He like all the junk food and enjoys eating them a lot.

Coming to my brother, he is very soft and sweet person. No matter what I say, whatever I do he never gets angry on me. Sometimes I take him for granted, whereas he can't even think of it. When we were kids we used to fight a lot, my mom used to pacify us and pass her judgement. Mostly it was one-sided as she loves him more than me. Did I just nag about it??...I know it happens by nature. But he loves me so much, I love him too. I never miss my dad, my brother has taken care of each and everything I needed. I always thought of how lucky his kids would be. They are going to have a wonderful papa. But I come first no matter what; I reserved my rank for lifetime.

Coming week I'm leaving to India happily to attend my bro's wedding, sadly leaving my husband behind. Yeah he cannot accompany me he is busy with work. Hmm.....I'm gonna miss him so much.


August 19, 2010

Thursday Challenge - 2

I found this pic in my old albums. It was taken on January 2007 when my mom visited London. This is Tower bridge an iconic symbol of London. The lifting Tower bridge is one of the must watch events in London.

This snap was taken around 7:30 Pm while walking from London bridge towards the Tower bridge on the North Bank. This week Thursday Challenge theme is Creativity (Architecture). I don't think I could upload any better snap than this for that theme.


August 16, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday # 1

Once my English teacher told that " Difference between the native English speakers and foreigners can be differentiated just by the usage of Idioms in his/her speech". Since then I'm very fond of Idioms. I always try to use them as much as I can while speaking.

Just now came across this site Mellow Yellow Monday and immediately decided  to participate in it. Here is the snap of my Idioms collection book. I felt it would be fun to start my first post with this snap.


August 15, 2010

Thursday Challenge - 1

Just came across this link Thursday Challenge
Last week challenge was Beverage. So thought of posting this picture immediately.


August 14, 2010

Almond Milk Shake

Today I’m gonna tell you about the age old secret drink. Yes it is Almond milk shake.

My great grandmother told about this to my granny; my granny told it to my mom, aunts and every one in our family, now I’m telling about this to all of you.  Many of you might heard of it and also know the benefits gained from this drink, for those who don’t know this post will tell you.  This is a wonderful milk shake which has tremendous amount of nutrients. But the benefits of it can be maximum extracted iff it is taken in the morning.

**Note: For the first time readers, this blog is not a food blog. I’m writing this post just to share this wonderful drink recipe and the benefits gained by it with all my blog readers.

·         Milk 2 cups (mainly contains Vitamin C, calcium and protein)
·         10 Almonds (mainly contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein and Vitamin B6...helps in preventing cancer, better digestion and improves complexion)
·         10 Pistachios (mainly contains carbohydrates, protein, fiber...helps in lowering cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart diseases)
·         Sugar 3 to 4 spoons
·         Cardamom 3 pods (treats any infections in teeth, lungs and digestion disorders)
·         Saffron a few stands (reduces high blood pressure, abdominal pains and adds flavor too)
·         Rose water 2 spoons (used as flavor for cosmetic and medical preparations)

·         Soak Almonds and pistachios overnight in water. Grind it along with rose water, sugar and cardamom.
·         Boil the milk (optional, but I prefer boiled milk).
·         Add milk into the mixer and blend it (If you prefer chilled shake them add ice in to the mixer).
·         Garnish with saffron strands before serving.

Now you know the benefits gained from each ingredient, but wondering why to have it in the early morning right. guyz must have heard that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  Sugar levels are low in the morning and by drinking something nutritious like this would help the metabolism a kick start. This drink contains proteins and fiber which is very good for our body.

Tip: I know soaking almonds every night and making the juice in the morning is tiresome job. So you can soak half bowl of almonds and pistachios, grind them in to a mixture and save it in fridge for 1 week. Every day before making shake all you need to do is add the mixture in to the mixer along with rest of the ingredients. It will consume just 3 mins of your time.

You all try this at your home, you will surely find some difference. Apart from gaining complexion, it has so many nutrients, proteins and vitamins. It will increase immunity in your body. For those who doesn’t like milk (just like me) a small advice, just take a small cup of it and simultaneously have some dates. Dates will dominate the milk taste and you can gain lot of iron by having them.


PS: This Image is taken from Google Images.

August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship day

"FRIEND means
F= Free from all formalities
R = Right to say anything
I = In anyway
E = Either good or bad
N= No sorry no thanks
D= Daatna peetna allowed 24 hours!"

Today on this wonderful day I remember all my dear friends (Pappu Padmini, Padmini, Kinjal, Hema, Samyuktha, Naveetha, Padmaja, Sravanthi, Swetha, Apparna, Lavanya, Priyanka, Bhargavi, Ramya, Sarala, Santhoshi, Usha, Sirisha, Vinitha, Dimple and Prathyusha) and wish them Happy Friendship day. Miss you and love you all.

I also consider my hubs as my best and god gifted friend of mine. Luv u hubby.