August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship day

"FRIEND means
F= Free from all formalities
R = Right to say anything
I = In anyway
E = Either good or bad
N= No sorry no thanks
D= Daatna peetna allowed 24 hours!"

Today on this wonderful day I remember all my dear friends (Pappu Padmini, Padmini, Kinjal, Hema, Samyuktha, Naveetha, Padmaja, Sravanthi, Swetha, Apparna, Lavanya, Priyanka, Bhargavi, Ramya, Sarala, Santhoshi, Usha, Sirisha, Vinitha, Dimple and Prathyusha) and wish them Happy Friendship day. Miss you and love you all.

I also consider my hubs as my best and god gifted friend of mine. Luv u hubby.



SG said...

Nice definition for "friend". First time here.

Happy Friendship Day to you.

Sandhya said...

The definition for 'friend' is interesting, Vrinda!

You have an interesting blog here!

Did your hubby read this?!

Renu said...

you have a very colorful blog:)

Vrinda said...

@ Sandhya

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog, Yes my hubs was happy when he read that last line :). Keep visiting.

@ Renu

Thank you Renu. Keep visiting.

Yamini Bhargavi Busireddy said...

Radhi daatna peetna 24/7 i like it....i wud like to take a chance hehehehehe by the way happy friendship day enjoy girlie :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice blog.
Interesting definition of friend. Yellow flowers look awesome. A nice way to say Happy Friendship Day.

Profile pic : White dog is very cute. :)

Sweatha Sanjana said...

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Happy friendship day messages said...

Wish you a happy friendship day..