May 9, 2011

Love is....

        I've seen many Love quotes, sayings, poems etc. Many explains the deeper meaning of it, few has  complexity in their explanation. This one quote explains it all....I love this one. I know this is most familiar and most used quote. So I wanted to present it a beautiful way, here it is.....

Pic: Edited using Textures by Ruby blossom Flickr link.
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May 8, 2011

Miss you amma...

Happy mother’s day!

Last year on this occasion I posted a post on my grandmother and her love towards me.  One  year after the post I’m only left with her memories, she left me on 15th march of this year. I miss her so very much, I miss her unconditional love, I miss her beautiful shyish smile, I miss her love towards me....I feel like crying out and call her back. I have many more feelings filled in my heart which are really tough to express here.

I donno where she is, but where ever she is I wish her to rest in peace.  


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