June 25, 2011

Creative trials....

Hi frenz,

I recently moved to Banlgore, I'm very bored staying at home alone thorugh out the day. Initially I was quiet busy, cleaning house, arranging things etc etc. I was always preoccupied by some work. Now after 2 month I hardly find anything to do at the day time. I finish my house hold work, browse for sometime, help my cousin in her project work, then.... nothing else to do. Today I came across empty bottles at my home, I have acrylic paints and brush too...what else???? I just started painting on the bottles.

Though I'm not very good at painting (to be frank I'm worst at it :( ). I just wanted to give a try, when I did this is what turned out.  

After looking at these paintings my husband has seriously decided to join me in  Art classes. It's not because he's impressed, but to encourage me, so that I can create more beautiful work ... hmmmm. 

Hope you guyz like them....shoot your comments on these.