My wish list....

Here is my wish list....the time limit to fulfill these wishes is just few more years. I will keep updating this list and If my wish is fulfilled you find them strike off. 
  1. Drive car at the speed of 120kmph (firstly I should learn driving :D)
  2. To have my personal library ....collection of at least 150 books.
  3. Have my own website ( photography website or personal website anything works...)
  4. Own SLR camera ( Canon EOS 1000, EOS 500D, EOS 450D, EOS 550D ....actually not all of them, any one of them....)  my lovely husband gifted my Canon EOS 600D!!!! 
  5. Start my own Business (I do not have clear idea about business....but I'm passionate about owning a business)
  6. To watch a horror movie in theater.
  7. Get in to best shape....(very tough task!!!)
  8. Take ballroom dance classes 
  9. To visit Paris on New years eve ( Last year I've seen London Eye...the fire works were awesome....I want to see Eiffel tower too...)
  10. To go for sky diving with my hubby 
  11. To own my own house with a huge backyard...where I can plant all my favorite trees/ plants. 
  12. To own 30 different types of Ganesha idols ( yeah I want to fill my showcase with these idols)
  13. Own Apple Mac Air.... ( I want to buy it by my own, I don't want this one as gift...)
  14. Get a really really kickass GMAT score
  15. Finish 200 blog posts.....excluding MYM and TC.
  16. Improve my vocabulary ( GOAL: 4500 words and to improve the usage of Idioms too)
  17. To visit an Island with my hubby...  On my last b'day I visited one with my husband.
  18. To sleep continuously for 24 hrs ( my  present record is 22 hrs which I achieved in the year 2004....)
  19. To go on tour for 5 different states in India (apart from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh my home state and West Bengal)
  20. Visit Africa and enjoy safari rides, Cape town villas etc....( I especially love to watch elephant bathing and mother elephant pampering baby ones)
  21. Finish solving Sudoku Hard* in 6 mins (I always take around 10 mins to solve...sometimes more than that...)
  22. Try to write a poetry ( writing a blog post itself is a difficult task ....poetry kind of impossible one...still I want to try once) I wrote my first poetry ....
  23. To own a Pug or Dalmatian ( I'm very fond of pets, especially dogs.....rabbits are good too, but they need greenery around)
  24. Learn any craft work ( as interior decoration is one of my hobbies)
  25. Learn Bike riding ( went to office on it in Bangalore Traffic with out DL :D)
  26. To meet Sachin Tendulkar.