February 17, 2011

S is for Sky Scraper

When ever I hear this word one thing comes in to my mind immediately is, the New York City. Apart from being my favorite place, this place has also added some beautiful memories in to my diary. I can never forget the Friday evenings I spent in that city. Sometimes with my friends (most of the time by myself) we used to walk down the street just like that. Have fun talking on the roads, looking at the people from different nations, eating food what not? 

One Penn Plaza
 I used to work at Manhattan (heart of the city) in One Penn plaza. It is 54 storied building,  shares the same street with Empire state building.  It was fun working in a desi company, but surrounded mostly by Mexicans. They are very friendly people though, very sweet and believe me most of the girls are damn gorgeous.

 Macys was adjacent to my work place, I used to get in that tall 9 storied building and spend some hours walking around the displays. I have bought many gifts for my parents and my husband (then my boy friend) from this mall. As my office was in the 15th floor, this building was quiet visible from my desk place. So I was always updated with the events taking place there.

It is fun being surrounded by so many people. I know many say it’s crowded, busy centre, jam-packed with people etc etc. But I can assure you it is much fun than walking in desert feeling deserted by the whole world.

I met many nice people in this city who have become my friends for lifetime. I also learnt the value of time and money after staying here. The city teaches you many lessons which are surely helpful in your life.      

 One place I couldn't visit in New York is Statue of Liberty. Yeah I know that is not the place to be missed. Next time when I go there I will surely visit it. 

Fav places in NY are 42nd street, Cold stone Ice cream Parlor, Time square, Wall street, Macys, Cafe 34 (pizza corner), Subway located at 52nd street, WTC, Brooklyn bridge.
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PS: This post is dedicated to all my frenz whom I met in NY. 


Brenda said...

Wow, great photos!

Walk in New York said...

ah les superbes building de NYC, comme le chanter Gainsbourg
"Je n'avais rien vu d'aussi haut
Oh ! C'est haut, c'est haut New York
New York USA"
NYC est pour moi la plus belle ville du monde.

* Every Friday, The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

tracy said...

Your pictures are amazing. I love NYC!

fredamans said...


Shiju Sugunan said...

You may sprain your neck just looking at that tall building.LOL. Beautiful post and account.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Really beautiful shots! I love to visit New York too.

Cheryl said...

I love looking back at all my photos from time spent in NYC.

These are some fabulous shots.

Sue said...

Great photos. Skyscrapers are stupendous.


Donnie said...

Great shots.

5thsister said...

we are planning a 1st time trip to NYC this summer. your post has me excited for this upcoming adventure!

Judie said...

Love your photos! I live in Tucson. We don't have sky scrapers, but we have some very tall cacti!!

Luna Miranda said...

these are gorgeous photos of NYC. i had a 4-day visit in NYC a few years ago and it left an impression. i wanna come back if given a chance.:p

Jo said...

What wonderful photos ... it must be so interesting to live in a city ...

Jenny said...

What beautiful shots you shared with us here on our journey to New York with you.

It was interesting reading about your history there...it's always fun to see a place through someone elses eyes and stories.

Not sure if you know Pat's blog over at Mille Fiori. She writes about NY and the surrounding areas. You might find it interesting.

Thanks for a super link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

I enjoyed meeting you here today.


Jingle said...

amazing shots.