December 20, 2010

Incredible !ndia

 Two weeks back I’ve been to Charminar (mean Char- four, minar- spire) with my friend to buy her wedding accessories. While returning from our shopping I suddenly observed people standing on the first floor of the monument. I was amazed as I wanted to mount this Islamic structure since long. 

Charminar was built by Sultan Quli Qutub Shah in 1591. It is said that there was a secret tunnel from Golconda to Charminar which was intended as an escape route of Qutub shah (presently the tunnel doesn’t exist). If you stand facing this arch (the bottom pic) on top of the monument on left hand side your will find the fruit market and on the right hand side Laad Bazaar (bangle market). This street is famous not only for bangles but also for all the bridal accessories. 


This place is one of the busy centers in Hyderabad, especially in the month of Ramadan. You can hardly get place to even stand in Ramadan Friday's. I did my wedding accessories in this place, I have a very fond memories related to this place.

This is the view of the mosque which is located in the ground floor of the great Islamic structure. Charminar is considered to be the Hyderabad tourist attraction. .  First thing comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the name of city ‘Hyderabad’ is this four towered monument.

This monument overlooks famous mosque Makkha masjid. This is a beautiful mosque built by sultana Qutub shah 6th emperor in the qutubshahi dynasty. The view of this masjid is awesome on Fridays as you can find hundreds of people offering prayers to God. Opposite to masjid there is Osmania hospital.

Osmania Hospital

Archeological survey of India has closed this monument for public at 1985 as a family committed suicide by jumping from the monument. They jumped from one of the spires of this monument. Authorities reopened it after nearly 2 decades in 2003, but it is open till first floor only. All the entrance to the spires is closed even though there is a very high security. 

Here is the collage of few more shots which I felt are worth sharing. In this collage one of the snaps is taken from the top, If I wasn't acrophobic that would have been a better snap. It is my friend who was posing for a snap (taken by the guide ...not me ). You can also find people pouring in, they were school kids from neighbor state. 

One thing me and my friend remembered while we were on top is the famous dialogue of Ismail bhai from the movie Angrez. 
"Are tum logaan serious kaiko lete yaroon
               Ismail bhai ke patthe hain
               Pacchis saal se charminar mein baitha hoon
               Meri  koi izzat hai yarron
               Tumla kya to bhi samjhe  re mere ku".

I was very excited and the experience was splendid. Being on top of the mosque which is considered to be one of the wonders in India was amazing feeling. I wanted to share these few snaps with you guyz. Hyderabadi’s who haven’t visited it please go and have fun, it will cost you just 5 rupees. Those who are from different place whenever you come to Hyderabad make sure you visit this monument with out fail.


December 16, 2010

Thursday Challenge - 8

Myself: Shall we go to Pizza hut today?
Hubs: hmmm...okie.
(After serious considerations we ordered Kadai paneer pizza, Exotic garlic bread and a drink)
Myself: Wait lemme take a snap of your plate (busily taking snaps)
Hubs: Lemme enjoy my food. I'm hungry (with a look saying "why don't you take snaps of your plate")
Myself: OK! Go ahead.
Hubs: Why do you always click the snaps of food?
Myself: (baffled) What?!! I take snaps of anything interesting I come across...sometimes yours too.
Hubs: Yah I know all I can find is food snaps in your blog.
Myself: I guess you have to check my blog well. I have uploaded snaps of fish, flowers and many more things.
Hubs: Oh yeah! Flowers...before you used to take snaps of them, now food and later what?
Myself: This weeks Thursday Challenge theme is FOOD. I will let you know what would be next weeks challenge.

Next day

Myself: Do you mind If I take snaps of our break fast.
Hubs: I don't mind if you take snaps of your plate.

Reason behind uploading two snaps for this weeks challenge is, I liked both the shots. Especially the second one, it covers almost all my favorite Indian breakfasts. 


December 13, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ 9

This is one of my favorite snaps. I took this snap at Barking, London. These cute santas were placed in the lawn of our neighbors. I named this snap as colorful santas. 

This week this is my snap for Mellow Yellow Monday . Shoot your comments on my fav snap. 


December 6, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ 8

Cake is one of my favorite desserts. I like it soo very much (of course everybody likes it.... here I’m not considering those aliens who do not like it). I like to eat all the kind of cakes, but among all Black forest is my favorite one.  Right now I've stopped eating them, as my hubs is on diet and he is forcing me to follow his diet plan ( he is burning his stomach just to control me from eating sad of me L ). This diet program is on since 2 months...because of which I almost forgot the taste of a few cake flavors. 

Recently we've been to bakery, on that day I was fasting (perfect timing isn't it....LLL).  My hubby happily went and ordered his favorite burger and had it. So in order to control my salivary glands I moved away from the table and was looking around the store (which in fact worsened my condition), I could find many cakes arranged in the shelf. All in different fascinating designs, among all this one attracted me the most. I donno the reason behind it (might be it's heart shape...yellow color... chocolate chip on it… the beautiful flower)  but I immediately captured it in my camera. 

This week my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday is this beautiful mouth watering cake.


December 2, 2010

Thursday Challenge - 7

Brown is the theme of this week's Thursday Challenge. Initially I thought of uploading Coffee cup snap, in the mean this snap popped from no where in my folders. Then I changed my thought and wanted to upload this pic. The three cups with chocolate sauce are of different flavors (though they look like same flavored one).

Now guess which one was my cup.