December 16, 2010

Thursday Challenge - 8

Myself: Shall we go to Pizza hut today?
Hubs: hmmm...okie.
(After serious considerations we ordered Kadai paneer pizza, Exotic garlic bread and a drink)
Myself: Wait lemme take a snap of your plate (busily taking snaps)
Hubs: Lemme enjoy my food. I'm hungry (with a look saying "why don't you take snaps of your plate")
Myself: OK! Go ahead.
Hubs: Why do you always click the snaps of food?
Myself: (baffled) What?!! I take snaps of anything interesting I come across...sometimes yours too.
Hubs: Yah I know all I can find is food snaps in your blog.
Myself: I guess you have to check my blog well. I have uploaded snaps of fish, flowers and many more things.
Hubs: Oh yeah! Flowers...before you used to take snaps of them, now food and later what?
Myself: This weeks Thursday Challenge theme is FOOD. I will let you know what would be next weeks challenge.

Next day

Myself: Do you mind If I take snaps of our break fast.
Hubs: I don't mind if you take snaps of your plate.

Reason behind uploading two snaps for this weeks challenge is, I liked both the shots. Especially the second one, it covers almost all my favorite Indian breakfasts. 



Jidhu Jose said...


Shobha said...

Yummy Yummy...specially the second one..I can see South Indian dishes there. Making me hungry.
Interesting read too.

Leora said...

"Why do you always click the snaps of food?" that's exactly what my kids say! Like your husband, they know why, too.

Nice to see the Indian dishes... I am sure they taste fabulous.

Jyothi said...

Extremely yummy. :)