November 16, 2013

Sachin - the GOD

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As Sachin takes a possible final walk over the wankhede pavilion, the whole nation was in jolt, me too. At that moment I started to think what has driven me to become his ardent fan, instantly one moment came in to my mind...Sharjah Cup 1998. As far as I remember Sharjah cup was the first cricket series which I followed wholly. It was when Sachin made 148 against Australia and when Ian chapel out cried ‘A million million more....’ when sachin hits SIX! I’ve totally and completely become his disciple. Since then I’ve joined the group of his adherents.

What I like the most about him is he’s a great human first and then a great player. Many players come and go in this game, but Sachin has made his mark which none can ever dream to achieve. He has plenty of option before him after retirement, hope he chooses the right one.

I salute the nation’s pride!! Adios Sachin, our love towards you will never come down. I wish to see you soon as coach of Indian cricket team and pass your valuable knowledge to future generations.


November 4, 2013

Male chauvinistic society!

This is the post I've written almost 10 months back, but could not post it as I lost the draft. I found it today so thought of updating it in my blog. 

Date: 12th Jan 2013

I've been following up Nirbhaya’s (victim of Delhi gang rape) news since the beginning. During this process I could understand how male chauvinistic is our society... I’m not being is absolutely true.
The girl has gone through hell and died, the whole nation is protesting on behalf of the victim and for the safety of women in our country. The protest is for stringent laws and rigid punishment for men who commit such heinous crime. On one side where lot of men are joining women in this protest on the other hand there are few men who are actually showing their true colors... Male Chauvinism!!! Wondering who? Please see them below:
Abhijit Mukherjee, Son of our President. He called all the women protesting in Delhi are ‘Dented and Painted!!’ "Walking in candlelight processions, going to discotheques, we have also led student life, we have been students. I well know what the character of a student should be. Those who are coming in the name of students in the rallies, sundori, sundori mahila (beautiful women), are highly dented and painted"

What wonders me is, if women go to pub and party what is the mistake, do that mean they have given men indirect license to rape them??? When men can go to pub why not women? Why is this difference shown? In fact this prospect it is rooted in our society!
Ramesh Bais, here comes another idiot who doesn’t understand the situation and reason behind the whole protest and passes his headless comment on the situation "Barabari ya bade logo ke sath balatkar samajh me ata hai, lekin nabalig bachhiyo ke sath is tarah ka jaghanya apradh karma. Inko to fasi par latka dena chahiye. (The rape of grown-up girls and women might be understandable but if someone does this to an infant, it is a heinous crime and the offenders should be hanged), Bais told reporters in Raipur.I seriously do not understand what made him make this remark?? I lost words by this time and was speech less after looking at this news on TV. Do he really understands the meaning of RAPE, it not just forcing a woman to submittal of sexual intercourse against her will, but killing her soul and leaving her body to live rest of the life!! During this physical process if she couldn’t resist the physical violence towards her and gives up her life, her parents are left with an invisible mark on their hearts.

India being a land of Godmans has produced another moron who has passed another annoying remark towards the brave heart "The girl should have taken God's name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said, 'I consider you my brother' and to the other two, she should have said, 'Brothers, I am helpless. You are my brothers, my religious brothers'. Then the misconduct wouldn't have happened."
These remarks have not only disturbed me but also stung me. Kya woh ladki bhai kehte tho woh rukh jaate?? They have inserted rod in to her body and her organs came out during their attempt to pull out the rod. Kya aise logon ko behen ya ma ka farak padta hai??? They are demons in the form on humans!! Later his spokesperson ‘Neelam dubey’ has taken my frustration to heights when she backed up Asaram Bapu and spoke to CNN IBN news reader "us ladki ko bus mein chadne se pehle dekh lethi ki bus mein kaun kaun hain, kya aap waise bus mein adhi raat to chadthi?Ooh man!! Will the poor girl knowingly or willingly get in to a bus which has turned out to be a hell to her? Why do people pass out such a nonsense comments on a girl who is no more between us. Why don’t these people find an unforgivable crime done by those 6 accused?

There was another Politician RSS chief Mohan Bhagat who said “Rape happens in India but not in Bharat”. Just 2 days later TOI has come up with a report saying these kind of assault on women in detected more in the rural part of India. TOI has come up with stats as well (which I do not want to discuss now though). Why do all these politicians do not want to look in to the actual root cause of this problem and in turn just pass out baseless and mindless remarks on this issue and try to wrap it up.
Manohar lal Sharma, lawyer who represents three of accused said the male companion of the murdered 23-year-old was wholly responsible for the incident as the unmarried couple should not have been on the streets at night. Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady,”

Banwari lal singh, BJP lawmaker said “skirts should be replaced by trousers or salwar-kameez. The intention of this demand is to keep girl students away from men’s lustful gazes and for their comfort in hot and cold weather conditions”

Abu Asim Azmi, samajwadi party said “If you keep petrol and fire together then it will burn. There should be a law to ensure that there should be no ‘nangapan’ (nudity). Those who wear skimpy clothes should also be banned.”

Vijayvargiya, BJP Leader said “Only when Sitaji crossed the Lakshman rekha, she was kidnapped by Ravan. If Sitaji (woman) crosses the Lakshman rekha, then “Sitaharan” (crime against them) is bound to take place as Ravans are out there.”

Ramkanwar, chhattisgarh Home Minister said Harm can come on a person if the stars are in adverse positions … We have no answer to this, only an astrologer can predict.”

Few came out suggesting women to behave properly; men stop eating chowmein (khap brains!!), to banish co-education in schools and colleges, no mobiles to women, women not to go out in late nights, some say that women should marry and take care of house hold work and yet another Minister comes and says that women should be covered in coats to avoid such molestation on them.. OMG!!!  What was the victims fault? She wasn't dressed inappropriately, she didn't invite attention, she was not drinking in a pub; she only wanted to go back home, but still she got raped!! Why no one understands this point??? I can surely tell that there is no link between women dressing and men raping her!

What I understand from all these types of remarks is, in fact Men become more and more insecure when they see the women being more successful and independent. They always wanted, want and indeed keep wishing that women should be their slaves!! (Not all though, but those who all agree with the above remarks by politicians are for sure with such mindset). Girls in villages are getting raped, do they go out and booze, NO! Do they wear skimpy clothes, NO! Kya woh acchi auratein nahin hain, NO! Fine even if the woman doesn’t comes from a good family; still it doesn’t mean that she has signalled men to rape her! 

What pleasure do they get while raping a woman? Nothing!! (I guess) they just try to show that they are physically more strong and powerful than woman. I request all the women in our nation to be the way they are, we need not change ourselves for anyone! I wish them to get even more successful in their respective fields and show men that we are no less to them and in fact more potential than them. I wish all the women of this nation a successful year ahead!!

- Vrinda

PS: The guilty are charged with death sentence though, but not yet hanged. Waiting for them to be hanged!!

August 12, 2013

Nutcase Manager

This is one of the shades of my manager...

More on the way...


January 15, 2013

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January 7, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

I wish all my followers and blog readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year

My one and only resolution this year is - upload posts regularly :D!!!


PS: Sorry frenz I will no more post my recipes.... my hubs is not liking it.