November 16, 2013

Sachin - the GOD

Hi Guyz...

As Sachin takes a possible final walk over the wankhede pavilion, the whole nation was in jolt, me too. At that moment I started to think what has driven me to become his ardent fan, instantly one moment came in to my mind...Sharjah Cup 1998. As far as I remember Sharjah cup was the first cricket series which I followed wholly. It was when Sachin made 148 against Australia and when Ian chapel out cried ‘A million million more....’ when sachin hits SIX! I’ve totally and completely become his disciple. Since then I’ve joined the group of his adherents.

What I like the most about him is he’s a great human first and then a great player. Many players come and go in this game, but Sachin has made his mark which none can ever dream to achieve. He has plenty of option before him after retirement, hope he chooses the right one.

I salute the nation’s pride!! Adios Sachin, our love towards you will never come down. I wish to see you soon as coach of Indian cricket team and pass your valuable knowledge to future generations.