March 8, 2017

Happy Women's Day!!!

Hi All,

I'm writing a post almost after 2.5 years and thought today would be the best day to make a comeback with a BANG! As it's a women's day this post is about being a Strong women: Be one and Raise one!

When I was a kid my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer! She accepted the fact and came in terms with it but her only concern was who will take care of me after she’s gone. She got treated but doctors have given her life span of 3 years more. She was so determined to live, she didn’t want to leave me until I’m settled in my life. To everyone’s surprise she lived for 17 more years. That is just because of her strong will to take care of me and see me happy with a nice guy. She’s the one who raised me since I’m 6 months old and loved me unconditionally throughout her life. Yes, her love was purest at its form. That’s the reason I designated the highest position in my life to her and always called her AMMA. I can easily say that she was the strongest woman I’ve ever seen in my life by seeing the way she fought with the deadliest disease.

When I opted to go abroad for higher studies, she said just one thing enjoy your freedom but lead a regret free life. Trust me, being in a free land with no one to question you around and still being in your bounds is a tough thing at times. I’ve seen toughest days of my life being away from my loved ones, but I was always determined to face the situation as I did not have a choice, I had to be strong.  My friends who know me for long used to admire on my composure. Some of them who’ve known my AMMA personally would say I imbibe lot of qualities from her, but I think I still have a long way to go to be someone like her.

Whether it’s a son or a daughter raising a strong kid would be every mother’s motto. Of course, I would like to give my son unconditional love, but more than that considering the present state of society I feel it is very much needed to teach him to value the independence of woman, not to be judgmental about her, to treat her with respect and be chivalrous to her and share the load of house hold work too. As I see many kids define the role of mother from very young age i.e. she is fit to cook food, feed and change diapers that’s all.  Inculcating good values from the very young by each and every mother who has son would build a better society for our beloved daughters.  I’ve realized raising kid is not easy only after I became mother. I wish I would be able to raise my son just the way my AMMA raised me.