June 14, 2012

Ambulance - plz give way!

In India route clearance should be done only for the President and the Prime Minister. Whereas for the Chief Ministers the red light should be turned green that is all no other concession is to be provided according to Indian government. But yesterday when we were returning to home from office we've seen a situation where an ambulance with patient is blocked in traffic for CM convoy. This is ridiculous, is CM's convoy more important than the patient in critical state with immediate need of assistance. I wouldn't expect to halt convoy and let ambulance move, but at least ambulance should be allowed to pass by immediately rather stopping it for 5 to 10 mins.  Sometimes even a delay by minute can cause death. By the way these VIPs are also public people, they are public servants in fact. 

The problem is not only with VIP convoy, it is with the huge traffic jams, the emergency services provided by our nation and the attitude of public. There are few people who try to overtake Ambulance, sometimes they even come in the way of Ambulance. We cannot do anything for traffic jams as it is out of our hands and talking about the services provided by our nation, I consider it a waste of time. But at least  we can try to change our attitude. 

I request you guyz to follow the below rules while you find Ambulance:
  1. If you are travelling on Bike, please let a way to an ambulance with out causing any accident.
  2. If at all you are travelling in car before pulling off the car just signal to the ambulance driver. Immediately pull the car to the left hand side of the road. 
  3. Do not stop the car on the main road, try to move in to some street so that you will not jam the traffic. 
  4. Before getting back in to traffic just make sure there are no more ambulances coming behind as in case of huge accidents there might be line of ambulances.
I do not know the rest of the world but in countries like USA and UK,  I've seen people following the above listed rules very strictly. There they value for the their citizens lives where as in India there is no value for human life!!! 

One more weirdest thing I've seen on TV recently is 108 getting prank ambulance calls!!! There were around 3.5 lac fake calls in the past 5 years, in the past 1 year the prank calls percentage increased from 14 percent to 25 percent. The TV report also says that  because of these fake calls there is lot of time is being wasted and sometimes 108 is not able to provide the service for the needy. I guess there are many mindless idiots out there.....