December 6, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ 8

Cake is one of my favorite desserts. I like it soo very much (of course everybody likes it.... here I’m not considering those aliens who do not like it). I like to eat all the kind of cakes, but among all Black forest is my favorite one.  Right now I've stopped eating them, as my hubs is on diet and he is forcing me to follow his diet plan ( he is burning his stomach just to control me from eating sad of me L ). This diet program is on since 2 months...because of which I almost forgot the taste of a few cake flavors. 

Recently we've been to bakery, on that day I was fasting (perfect timing isn't it....LLL).  My hubby happily went and ordered his favorite burger and had it. So in order to control my salivary glands I moved away from the table and was looking around the store (which in fact worsened my condition), I could find many cakes arranged in the shelf. All in different fascinating designs, among all this one attracted me the most. I donno the reason behind it (might be it's heart shape...yellow color... chocolate chip on it… the beautiful flower)  but I immediately captured it in my camera. 

This week my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday is this beautiful mouth watering cake.



Shiju Sugunan said...

You have a nice blog over here. The picture of that Rava kesari looks so yum. Wifey has decided to try the recipe today. I will come back for more. And thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Icy BC said...

what a beautiful yellow heart cake!

Jidhu Jose said...

Nice .
happy WW