August 14, 2010

Almond Milk Shake

Today I’m gonna tell you about the age old secret drink. Yes it is Almond milk shake.

My great grandmother told about this to my granny; my granny told it to my mom, aunts and every one in our family, now I’m telling about this to all of you.  Many of you might heard of it and also know the benefits gained from this drink, for those who don’t know this post will tell you.  This is a wonderful milk shake which has tremendous amount of nutrients. But the benefits of it can be maximum extracted iff it is taken in the morning.

**Note: For the first time readers, this blog is not a food blog. I’m writing this post just to share this wonderful drink recipe and the benefits gained by it with all my blog readers.

·         Milk 2 cups (mainly contains Vitamin C, calcium and protein)
·         10 Almonds (mainly contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein and Vitamin B6...helps in preventing cancer, better digestion and improves complexion)
·         10 Pistachios (mainly contains carbohydrates, protein, fiber...helps in lowering cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart diseases)
·         Sugar 3 to 4 spoons
·         Cardamom 3 pods (treats any infections in teeth, lungs and digestion disorders)
·         Saffron a few stands (reduces high blood pressure, abdominal pains and adds flavor too)
·         Rose water 2 spoons (used as flavor for cosmetic and medical preparations)

·         Soak Almonds and pistachios overnight in water. Grind it along with rose water, sugar and cardamom.
·         Boil the milk (optional, but I prefer boiled milk).
·         Add milk into the mixer and blend it (If you prefer chilled shake them add ice in to the mixer).
·         Garnish with saffron strands before serving.

Now you know the benefits gained from each ingredient, but wondering why to have it in the early morning right. guyz must have heard that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  Sugar levels are low in the morning and by drinking something nutritious like this would help the metabolism a kick start. This drink contains proteins and fiber which is very good for our body.

Tip: I know soaking almonds every night and making the juice in the morning is tiresome job. So you can soak half bowl of almonds and pistachios, grind them in to a mixture and save it in fridge for 1 week. Every day before making shake all you need to do is add the mixture in to the mixer along with rest of the ingredients. It will consume just 3 mins of your time.

You all try this at your home, you will surely find some difference. Apart from gaining complexion, it has so many nutrients, proteins and vitamins. It will increase immunity in your body. For those who doesn’t like milk (just like me) a small advice, just take a small cup of it and simultaneously have some dates. Dates will dominate the milk taste and you can gain lot of iron by having them.


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Yamini Bhargavi Busireddy said...

Yummy Yummy Yummyyyyyyyyy Almond Milk shake my altime favorite.....
I try all fruit milk shakes i havent tried almond milk shake for years thanks for sharing the recipe i will try it now :)