August 21, 2010

MeN i LoVe

Seeing this title, these would have been the images that flashed in-to the minds of many of my friends.

Yes it's not their fault, it's all mine. I was an insane admirer of all of them. There were days where my friends used to call me by their names. If their movie was a hit, then I used to spend lot of money in distributing chocolates. I used to cut cakes for their B'days. But presently I'm NOT talking about any of them above.

Men with whom I'm deeply, madly, crazily and frantically in love are my hubby and bro. They are priceless and I can do anything for them. I know my hubby for the past 12 years, we were school mates. But our love blossomed just 5 years back. I fight a lot with my hubs but it takes very less time for me to convince him. All I need to say is a 5 letter word "SORRY". In turn he works on all those secret formulas to harmonize with me. When I whine about my family he looks at me as if he is watching a blockbuster movie. But in turn if I say something about his family he would charge towards me like a bull. He has given up many things in his life to dwell with me. If anything goes wrong in his daily schedule then he won't even hesitate a min to blame me for that, even if I'm nowhere related to it. He frequently gets bored with my cooking. He like all the junk food and enjoys eating them a lot.

Coming to my brother, he is very soft and sweet person. No matter what I say, whatever I do he never gets angry on me. Sometimes I take him for granted, whereas he can't even think of it. When we were kids we used to fight a lot, my mom used to pacify us and pass her judgement. Mostly it was one-sided as she loves him more than me. Did I just nag about it??...I know it happens by nature. But he loves me so much, I love him too. I never miss my dad, my brother has taken care of each and everything I needed. I always thought of how lucky his kids would be. They are going to have a wonderful papa. But I come first no matter what; I reserved my rank for lifetime.

Coming week I'm leaving to India happily to attend my bro's wedding, sadly leaving my husband behind. Yeah he cannot accompany me he is busy with work. Hmm.....I'm gonna miss him so much.


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Yamini Bhargavi Busireddy said...

I felt very happy to know the way u understood your husband and brother... happy journey to you and
convey my wishes to your brother"Happy married life"