January 17, 2011

Book Review: 'I too had a love story'

Author: Ravinder Singh

Aah this is my first book review. I just finished reading this book and immediately thought to write a review on it. 

'I too had a love story' is a true love story of Ravinder singh. He happened to fall in love with a girl named Kushi, whose profile he found in shaadi.com. In no time he was deeply, madly and truly in love with her just by communicating with her through phone. He gets a chance to meet her and spend the most beautiful hour of his life before leaving to US for an onsite trip. After returning their parents fix their engagement on Feb 14th the Valentines Day. Just two days before their engagement she meets with an accident.

What will happen to his shonamoni

Will she get back from the hospital safely?    

If so, then why is this book named as ‘I too had a love story’?

What will be the ending of this beautiful tale?  

 The story is told in a very simple and neat manner. The flow is so smooth that you never know when you started reading it and when you finished it. The time flies while reading this book (I was about to finish this book in one night, but again my granny intervened and made me put down the book and go to sleep). The first half of the book goes very nicely, I was connecting my love story to it throughout (I guess this would be the case with most of the readers).Few incidents like, Ravin being desperate to see the girl with whom he is madly in love (I was going through the same when I was returning from US after 2 years being away from my boy friend). The phone calls at nights, gifts and surprises are which audience can easily connect it with. Where as in the second half not completely but most of the part was predictable. It might be because I was thinking too much while reading this book. The end of the story though it is tragic and really heart touching. While I’ve been to Ravin’s website I could see many praising him for being such a wonderful boy friend. In contrast, to popular opinion I will say that Khushi is a great lover who has made such an impact on Ravin. She gave him tremendous amount of love which has given a ray of hope for his future.     

All I would say that if you are in love, then this is a book you must read. I have a feeling that this book cannot make much market in the international arena. I guess I’m being too liberal at rating it :P.
Rate: 3/5


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Mirza Ghalib said...

one of the best novel to read specially for those who have lost their dear ones. u can actually feel the pain. hats off to the author for his courage to go back to his past. simple language n heart touching! must buy for every one.