January 23, 2011

Conversations (1)

She: How is the home?
He: It’s nice, 2 bedroom apartment. In fact far better than all those previous houses I’ve seen till date.
She: Is it! Then tell me clearly how it looks.
He:  2BHK
She: How about Bathrooms?
He: Both the bathrooms are western, one has geyser too.
She: You must be excited then why you sound so dull?
He: I’m bit disappointed about flooring, its mosaic flooring. You know I prefer marble flooring.
She: Hmm… just flooring na... Its ok we can adjust. But tell me about the kitchen.
He: Everything is good in kitchen. The house is very good, I guess we can’t find better house than this in Bangalore in such a short span. 
She: I know, but tell me about ….
He: Heyy...I’m tired now. I will call you tomorrow and let you know more.
She: OK bye… J

Next Day 

He: Heyy wassup??
She: Hi… I was waiting for your call.
He: Yeah tell me…
She: You tell me… How is the house?
He: It’s gud. But I’m only disappointed about its locality.
She: Why what happened, is it located in a slum!!??  
He: No no….It’s not located in slum. But the area is kind of not so posh locality like you were expecting.
She: I didn’t ask you to find a home in poshhhhh... locality, all I asked is to find in a decent locality
He: Ok! lemme put like this, it is not located in a very decent locality.
She: First you were telling that all you were worried about is flooring, now about locality. What else you gonna tell me later L
He: Don’t worry that is all. Just flooring and locality, that’s it.
She: Ok. How big is the kitchen?
He: Errr....kitchen is small. Heyy there is a very big balcony, forgot to tell you. It covers the whole length of the house.
She: Balcony! Nice, I can have a small garden there.
He:  Do what ever you want. 
She: Now tell me how are the Bedrooms?
He: ofooo!! You are asking about kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms….You are not asking me about the main thing. RENT!
She: Yeah tell me how much?
He: $&#@ Per month (frowned), plus 10 months rent in advance and 1 month rent to broker. 
She: Come on you must have saved some amount, pay it from that. What’s the big deal?
He: Yeah, your mom has given me 10 crores dowry. I saved it in swiss bank, now I will pay it from that.
She: Heyy…why are you pulling my mom in to this?? She has given my hand in yours, you are lucky to get wife like me, as precious as Gold.
He: Yeah I know. I’ve been looking for 50kgs Gold, where as I got 70kgs. Really I’m very lucky.   

to be contd.....



aravind said...

Hey it's really funny. what I feel is...conversation
Between u and Srikanth abt the house in b'lore
But it's gud.

Shiju Sugunan said...

Typical Mars and Venus conflicts. I had mixed feelings while going through the conversation. I find this an apt case for counseling. It would help a great deal in possibly preventing future communication problems. I am curious to know what happens after this in the marriage of compromises. :)

paige said...

That's a very real conversation and real is good. :)