November 30, 2010


Nearly 4 years back I met Miss. A in USA. We used to work in the same place, we became friends and in no time we were separated as I moved to different state. We were constantly in touch through phone. She used to call me or else I did make sure to call her at least once in a day. We used to share each and every thing; each and every important to possibly silly thing was discussed on the phone. She was very supportive to me while I was in turn supportive too. Though I seem to be very hard nut from outward, by heart I'm very weak. I frequently feel very nostalgic and start troubling my lachrymal gland (about which my brother comments as 'crocodile tears'...which are not!). Miss. A was always there to pacify me, she was (is) always so close to my heart.

Later I moved to London. I used to make calls through magic jack.  But the frequency of the calls were not as before. We used to be regularly in touch on mails, the frequency of mails has increased when my magic jack connection got disconnected. This was going on until one fine day I had to travel to India on the occasion of my brother’s wedding. Things changed, as I hardly had any time to mail her. I was very busy with my bro's wedding preparations and shopping. Honestly I missed her, but was really busy with my commitments here in India.

She came to India last month on the occasion of her wedding. She was very excited about this as much as me. We stay in the same city around 15km far away. But things got worsen, after coming here we hardly get time to speak on phone. We do not get time to mail each other, we met just once. But in USA she took the pain to travel from Tennessee to Texas by car, just to say good bye.

Hmmm this is really bad on my part too….I always make silly excuses like “I’m not well... I’m busy going to temple… granny is not well etc etc” I want to meet her and wish her best wishes on her wedding. Hope we get a chance to spend a quality time with each other.  Really when we are closer we take things for granted…I remember a song from movie Break ke baad "Dooriyaan......bhi hain zaroori......zaroori hain yeh dooriyaan".


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Rachel said...

This Miss.A....That was Incredible!!!
Really I'm Glad to read about Our Story....I loved it...Thanks a lot for being part of my life...I'll miss you after I reach US...