June 20, 2010

Hot Ice cream

Last Wednesday went to an Indian restaurant with my husband and bro. The restaurant was newly opened by my bro's friend -Mr.S. It's a small place, but the service provided by them is appreciable. The food we ordered was really good, we enjoyed every bit of it.  As this is the first time we visited Mr. S’s restaurant, he offered us to taste a special Deep fried Ice cream (according to him it is rarely found in Indian restaurants). When we asked him about it, He said it would be a surprise!!. I was extremely excited because he said special_ _“Ice cream”. I was least bothered about the words “Deep Fried”.
Deep fried Ice cream, I never heard about it. (It might be a famous dessert, but I came to know about it on that day).  My husband was a bit uncertain about it, where as I imagined we would be served a scoop of chocolate ice cream garnished with caramel and chocolate syrup all over it. Ummm...mouth watering imagination, isn't it? But here comes the ice cream (shattering my imagination, just like ball shattering a window pane) which looks something like this.

Deep fried Ice cream is famous in Mexican restaurants. It is made by taking a scoop of ice cream frozen well below the temperature at which Ice cream is generally kept. A batter is made up of cinnamon, eggs and corn flakes powder. When the ice cream is dipped into the batter, it forms like a coating on it. Then it is deep fried in oil for 5 seconds. Uhh! I didn't know about the eggs then or else I would have not eaten it. The above picture looks far better than what we actually had.

Aahhh.... after eating the ice cream, our comments were like this 

Hubby:   “OMG!! The taste of biryani is gone!! Hmmm ....I had this one unnecessarily". (He could hardly conceal his disappointment).
Bro: "The Ice cream is not so good, but I liked the idea, Deep fried Ice cream. How could they get this idea? Isn't it a unique dessert" (It's because it is his friend’s restaurant he responded like this, if it was my friend’s restaurant I can imagine what his comments would have been). 
Mine: (before tasting it) “What is this?? It looks like Mysore bonda...I want Ice cream not bonda" :( (after tasting it) "yuckkkkk...yuckkk......"
I finished eating it in 15 secs, yes you got to have it quick or else the ice cream inside the coating will melt away. I don't like eating something in a rush, I wanted to relish what was eating but I had to. Mr. S was just behind us, he was eagerly waiting for our response (something like Wow!!, Delicious!!) on this so called Special ice cream. I guess he understood everything looking at our faded expressions (hope he will change his menu). As far as my opinion is concerned, most of the Indians wouldn't prefer something like this. We prefer having an ice cream which is cool rather than HOT.

In order to make me come out of this disastrous Ice cream experience, the very next day he brought me Chocolate Ice cream. (Actually he was bribing me for two reasons, Firstly for pacifying me from the disappointment and Secondly to calm me down from yelling at him).


PS: The Pic is taken from Google Images.

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