June 9, 2010

Click Click!!


Unlike every summer,this summer I've spent some time in improving  my photography skills. What I realized is photography is not as simple as we think, in fact it needs lot of creativity. Here are few snaps which I've taken recently. Though none of my snaps required any creativity, but still wanted to know about my improvement.

These type of roses are called as Hybrid perpetual, dominant class of roses in England.

These snaps were taken at Great fields park. This park is near my home, it is the most pleasant place to have a walk.

Multiple exposure snap of two flowers. It looks like three flowers together. 

These are Daisy flowers, comes from Sunflower family. These are native to western, central and norther Europe.

These are Grebera, Germini and Chrysanthemum. These snaps were taken in ASDA, as I couldn't afford to buy all the bouquets I captured their beauty in my camera. 

These are Hybrid Teas, created by hybridizing Hybrid perpetual with Tea rose in early 1800s. The beauty of this flower lies in the center bud.

These snaps were taken near the pond. Look in to the eyes of this swan, it's so beautiful.

Now you guyz must be wondering that every time I post snaps of flowers, birds etc. But next time I'm gonna come up with some thing new.  I'm learning about street photography. Once I feel confident about it,  I shall post them. Shoot your comments on this post. 

chao chao.


Rachel said...

Hi Darlin,
Loved ur work and keep it up!!!
Its really amazing.......

Anonymous said...


Amazing pics.Nice work!

MahaLakshmi said...

hey radhi...chala bhagundhi nee photography...gr8 job..