April 9, 2010

London Eye

My Husbands B'day was on 29th March, we visited London eye to spend that evening. Though I was visiting this millennium wheel for the second time, the experience was not any less exciting than what it was when I visited it for the first time. The Ferri's wheel is located on the banks of river Thames. It is one of the most famous attractions in London.

London eye was celebrating its 10th B'day, so my husband and I have planned to visit it. There was a 4D experience before going on ride. It was an awesome experience. It is a short film for about 4 minutes. It has a story of a little girl who is visiting London eye with her father. It is called 4D experience because, when it snowing in that movie you find snow around you, while children playing with bubbles you will find bubbles around you. Wow!! It was amazing. I have seen many 3D films, still the experience was wonderful and the quality of the video is very good. It has to be as govt spent 4 million pounds on it.

The ride of London eye is exactly 30 mins. While we went, it was evening there were lights in the whole city, when we reached the top of the wheel, London looks as if it is wearing a "gown of Lights". The view of Westminster (UK parliament) is just like a "golden brooch" on the gown of lights. In each capsule there were around 15 tourists. As the speed of the wheel is 0.6mph you do not feel much motion in it, but it is always better to carry an image stabilization camera. From the top when you look down you can find London Aquarium on one side and Thames river on the other. At the end of the ride, your capsule will be captured in the camera and you can buy the snap.

The evening that we spent together was memorable; this was the first B'day we spent together after our wedding. We enjoyed it and thanks to London eye for making our evening more special.


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