April 27, 2010

Colorfull snaps

Hi friends,

Here are few snaps which I took recently.  

When I see this snap i feel very  optimistic, it makes me happy and en lighted.

White is the symbol of peace. In fact white is the mother of all colors.

This snap might have been a better shot. It reminds me that I have long way to go.

Don't they looks like berries. I was holding this flowers bunch in my hand while taking this shot.

When I see this snap, it gives me hope. The tree has only flowers, no leaves at all.

Look at that ant, it's after the tasty nectar inside the blossoms.

Those flowers are so beautiful, I wish I could zoom further to capture their beauty.

 Look at those flowers, my favorite  pink color. I feel so pleasant.

Please post your comments on these snaps. Any advices or suggestions on my photography are welcome.



Padmini.L said...

hey! awesome pictures. you are becoming a pro. Good going buddy .

ramya said...

whats going on radhika???????? so nice n pretty gud pics with all ur views luv to c ur blogs daily.........