November 6, 2011

My all time favorite Ads

Camilin ad:
This is my all time Fav ad, I always wonder who would be the one who has got this amazing thought. WOW! This is not only my fav Ad... I guess it is Indian's fav ad. The beauty of this commercial is, it keeps the cultural sentiments along with the humor.

This 'Change' Ad is another wonderful one, simply out-of-the-box.

Polo add:
Polo is my fav mint, I always carry one in my bag. When I have it, sometimes I remember this ad. This is very funny.

Happy dent ad
This is amazing one, a chewing gum commercial. I've seen many ads which has a similar story where a girl gets attracted to boy who has a fresh breath. This one is completely different, the outstanding shot in this ad is the chandelier one.

Center shock
In this ad, I like the expression of the old man, he is so kool. This one was awarded as best ad of the year ( I don't remember the exact year though).
S is for Shameless, wow I wish I could say something like that to my employer :D

Vodafone zoo zoo
This was my Grandmother's fav commercial, it used to bring smile on her face. Very creative, I take this opportunity to thank Ogilvy & Mather agency for providing such an entertaining ads for us. The producer Rajiv Rao and Directer Prakash Verma, hats off to you guyz.

This is very popular ad in India, the beauty of this ad is its simplicity.The dog name is 'cheeka' and the boy name is 'Jayram'. This is again shot by the Nirvana Films of Bangalore. The caption 'Wherever you go, our network follows' and the song 'You and I' have become very popular among youth. After this ad the sale of pugs doubled in India.

Non smoking Ad
Indian Cancer Association's campaign against smoking is a must-watch. The tag line is kool.... check it out.

'Har ek fren Zaroori hota hai' it is the ringtone of almost half of my frenz, and this song is dedicated to me by few. This is very kool and I have added it becoz it is my personal fav.

Mint o gol
You should see the girl's fren smile at the end, it is worth watching. And you will meet the boy 'Rocky' who is handsome, romantic, smart and intelligent.

Aamir khan Tata Sky ad
The ad is simply brilliant....the monologue played by dual characters portrayed by a Aamir khan  is simply outstanding. 'Tata Aur Sky ek saath' is tagline and this ad.

Maruthi suzuki
Maruthi has stormed the televisions yet again, this ad is not just for the particular car it is about the company. The advertisement lasts for some 30 seconds, even after watching the final tagline 'kitna deta hai' you will not realize it is a car Ad. It has changed my husband's view towards the cars,that's fuel consumption is more important than style of the car.

Imperial Blue
This is my husband's fav ad.....check it out. It's true Men will be Men!!

If you have any personal favorite please feel free to share, I will update to the list.


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