July 2, 2011

My Garden

Hi Frenz,

     Gardening has always been one of my hobbies, though I never mentioned it to my frenz. I always like flowers on the plant than plucked and made in to garland. I usually like spending some time in garden while I'm really stressed out, it's a great relaxation therapy. Presently I stay in an apartment which has a small  balcony. Luckily there is enough space to place few pots and I planted plants in them. I feel so happy when flowers bloom in my garden. I take snaps and share it with my frenz and family members. Today I thought of sharing them with all my Blog frenz.

Rose: This is the first plant I bought for my garden. This is the only flower it bloomed to that plant. It died after  1 month, as I was away from home for long time. My husband couldn't take care of it well (I don't blame him for that though)

Button Rose: This is one of my favorite plants. It was presented to me by my mom. She actually bought this for her garden, but again felt it's worth giving to me. Yes I've reached her expectations when she found 22 roses bloomed to that pretty small plant.

Gazania: This plant has a tendency to bloom in late spring or early summer. But in Bangalore it bloomed almost the whole summer. Right now I have 4  flowers in my garden, very beautiful flowers.  I especially like the color combination of the petals.

Lilly: I actually taken a root of this plant from my neighbors with out their consent. I planted it and by third day the bud rose up from the root with barely one leaf left to the plant. After long gap last week we found another flower. Pink is my favorite color and the combination of yellow and white is surely beauty.

Queen of Night: This is my favorite of all. This flower has a very short span compared to all the flowers I've seen till date. It starts blooming at evening at around 8 pm and shrivels by 5:00 am in the morning. The beauty of it can by enjoyed only at nights. There will be a very mild aroma at the surrounding area of this plant when flowers blossom. I really like this flower, it's so beautiful.

Apart from these I have plants of Jasminum Sambac ( famously known as Malle puvvu  in Telugu), Butterfly Gardenia (known as Nandhivardhanam in Telugu), Marigold (Banthi) and Chrysanthemum (Chamanthi) in my garden. I couldn't take snaps of these flowers, but I will upload them for sure in future. Hope you all enjoyed my garden. Posted under Macro flower Saturday and Flowers on Saturday.



Angelgirlpj said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. Far too many of our flowers are a build up watching the plants grow and the flowers last such a short time.

Maia said...

They are all gorgeous. Beautiful shots.
Please link back to Macro Flowers Saturday blog.

Shiju Sugunan said...

Plant nannies can help you take care of watering while you are away.

You can make plant nannies at home using soft drink bottles.

Follow these steps:

1. Make a hole at the bottom of the bottle with the help of a pin.
2. Fill the bottle with water.
3. Screw the cap.
4. Place in the flower pot.

Watering the plants the normal way leads to wastage as most of the water gets evaporated or seeps to the bottom of the pot.

Vrinda said...

@ Shiju Sugunan

Thanks for your wise tip Shiju. I have many bottles in my home I will follow that next time.

@ Maia

I added the link. I forgot to do it yesterday :)

Channal said...

Beautiful colours!
Lovely week end to you... Anna

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful flowers!!

Glad to have found you to follow!! :)

Priya said...

Gorgeous flowers! Lovely pics :)
I too hope to have a such a collection in my balcony :)

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