October 7, 2010

Thursday Challenge -3

This week Thursday Challenge is MUSIC. The moment I saw this theme I remembered my college Diwali celebration in 2008. This snap was taken by my Nokia N95 mobile. The idea behind uploading this snap is those two guys were singing my favorite song (of course in India everyones favorite song) " Yeh Haseen vadhiyan..." from the film ROJA. This song is noted as one of the best romantic songs in India cinema. During this performance most of the students in the auditorium were dumbstruck.The reason behind it was the guy in the black shirt ( I don't know his name :D ) was singing in ladies voice. I enjoyed this performance to the fullest. 



Indrani said...

That is a nice slice of your precious memory. :)

Anonymous said...

raadhi..s.p.balu voice ni inka marchipolekapothunnava..???