July 9, 2010

Fifa Fever.....

Hello everybody....

      I don't know how many of you are following this year's FIFA but I'm full in-to it. As I'm in Europe it is an ordinance to follow the world's favorite game. I started to like this game when I first saw 1998 FIFA finals France vs Brazil. Ever since, I am a die hard fan of the BRAZIL team. I was really disappointed when it lost the match against Netherlands in the quarter-finals. I was always confident that Brazil would make it to finals and will  win this world cup. It's all over long back now it's the turn of  Netherlands (team which didn't lose a single match in the world cup 2010) and Spain (turned out to be powerful team after defeating Germany in the world cup).

Though I lost interest on the game when Brazil lost, I again gained it back when Germany defeated Argentina (4:0). What a match it was, everyone was shocked with the result of the game, Germans have crashed them like anything. Imagine what, Diego Maradona, a man who hit the Goal of the Century  in 1986 and presently the coach of Argentina team, must be going through. I guess he might not have come out of the trauma yet. But God has saved us from watching him running naked on the streets of Argentina!!! In this world cup I pity Paraguay team as they have missed their famous model Larissa Riquelme strip on the streets of Paraguay ....ohhhh yeahhh!! (of course her body painted with Paraguay flag). What's wrong with these people??? I guess nude walk is in now.

This years world cup is completely unpredictable. All the teams which are considered as underdog have come up with a remarkable performance; few have made in to quarter-finals too. Ghana is one among them, while their exit from the tournament was heart-breaking.

Coming to Spain, I find they are striving to hoist the most prestigious trophy for the first time. They reached semi-finals for the first time since 1950. They are ranked as the 2nd best team though they haven't won any world cup yet. I foretell that the "Men in Red" will defeat "Men in oranje" (mine might not be as accurate as Paul the Octopus prediction).This time Spain is playing very strategically. Hope to see the classiest match in the finals. Watching finals would be just like watching a film. It is going to have an action, drama and nail biting climax. My bet is on Spain but never know it could be any one's title.  

Waka Waka Spain......


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