May 17, 2010

Heavenly Creature

 There is a Pond near my home, Usually I go there to feed pigeons and ducks. Last week I’ve been there with my brother. We were feeding birds and enjoying the view, Suddenly I went on saying "ohmigod..ohmigod..ohmigod!!". The reason behind such astonishment was this beautiful swan gliding from the other end of the pool. I've been there many times, but never seen this one. It was looking splendid among other ducks and birds there. Luckily I was carrying camera, could take snaps of this Heavenly Creature.

I felt would there be any creature more graceful and beautiful than the swan. The snowy feathers and elegant long neck have made this picture more artistic.

Swan wings doesn’t get wet even though it is in water. In Hindu mythology the person who lives in the world without getting attached to it is called "paramahamsa" means "great swan". This might be the reason behind Goddess Saraswathi choosing swan as her vahana (vehicle). The difference between the swan and duck can be known by "milk- water test" where swan can separate pure milk from adulterated milk.

Little known facts about swan:
  • Swans are the largest known flying bird
  • Though swan is looking so pleasant, it is one of the aggressive birds. The wings of swan are so strong that they can break human arms
  • They usually prefer to travel at nights. They can fly at heights of 28,000 feet, and travel over 2,000 miles, often over sea.
  • Swans can fly as fast as 50 to 60 miles per hour
  • Swan has as many as 25,000 feathers.
  • Swan has a gland just above their eye that enables them to drink the salt water. The gland removes salt from water and excretes as solution through nostrils.
  • Swans are very devoted to their partners, sometimes have only one mate for lifetime.


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