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Healthy Breakfast

"Honey, they say ( weather forecast) it is going to rain today, I shall go by car" is the first thing I hear on a Saturday morning. That is when I realized that this Saturday is a working day for my husband. Then I dragged myself from the bed and reached balcony to wave bye to him. Later I went to freshen up, splashed cold water on my face which completely brought me back in to this world. After shower when I reached kitchen that is where the biggest challenge of the day begins 'Breakfast'... the thing is we prefer not just a breakfast but a 'Healthy breakfast'.

I usually cook Dosa, Idly and upma in the mornings for breakfast, which are only served to my husband.  I consume very less oil while cooking them, but I prefer eating fruits over them. Mostly my breakfast includes fruits, Tropicana juice and small portion of dry fruits.

Dry fruits:
  1. Helps reducing weight, as these are the foods associated with lower Body mass index (BMI).
  2. These help in reducing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic diseases.
  3. Help in increasing the bone health.
  1. Helps reducing dental plaque.
  2. Systolic blood pressure can be reduced in just 2 weeks.
  1. Juices rich in Vitamin C, folic acid and potassium are excellent source of bioavailable antioxidant phytochemicals. 
Some researchers say that consuming lot of juice will increase the chances of gaining weight. Whereas it is also believed that consuming them in the mornings and avoiding them rest of the day is very good for health.

All these food items which are very healthy make my breakfast complete and keep me active through out the day. I'm not following any diet plan, but I've seen lot of change in my skin and body while I have this kind of breakfast. 

Share your views and the breakfast you prefer...



J.Rylie.C said…
We love pomegranate!

Visiting from Mellow Yellow

Your comment is always a pleasure to read, keep it coming. Thanks.
Kim, USA said…
that looks healthy and delicious!

joy said…
You are good at it:) Healthy breakfast. I just go for bread and something on it! Maybe a cup or tea or cacao:) From MYM

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